Hour of Code 2013: Programming in Pencil Code

Scenes from the Hour of Code event at AMSA, 2013 December 7
Welcome to the 2013 Hour of Code event! Here are the materials you will need to host a successful hour using Pencil Code.

At a well-attended Hour of code at AMSA on Saturday December 7, we found that it was useful to:

Before you start, make sure you can set up an account and save work under an account. Make sure your school firewall does not block *.pencilcode.net. For kids to save their work, they will need to have access to their own domain under pencilcode.net.

Lesson 1: Start Here

Learn how to make your own program to draw line art, and save it on your own website. Good for all ages.


The language used in Pencil Code is CoffeeScript. Background on the CoffeeScript language can be found in several good books online (for example here or also here).

Lesson 2: Angles and Arcs

Use Pencil Code to explore math facts about angles, arcs, and polygons. Good for middle school and high school math students.


Lesson 3: One Project in Detail: Hangman

A one-to-two hour lesson introducing the basics of programming with Pencil Code by building one detailed project from end-to-end. Good for high school students and advanced middle school students who are motivated to take on a coding challenge.

Topics covered:


After the Event: Recognition

After your event, we would like to picture your group on our websites to recognize your effort and celebrate the Hour of Code. During your event, please

Then after the event, upload your photo and forms and links here along with any feedback for us.

Thank you for your participation!